Dans le cadre du séminaire de 2 mois à San Francisco, les étudiants de MBA 2 de l’ESCEN PARIS ont dû réaliser par groupe de 4 un projet de création de start-up. Entouré de professionnels du secteur, le projet a donc été divisé sous forme de sprint et présenté devant eux en fin de séminaire :

Sprint 1 : Introduction to the concept

  • Introduction to Restart Agency
  • The Team
  • Business Canvas
  • Vision Statement
  • Elevator pitch

Sprint 2 : Full market study

  • Segmentation
  • Business Scheme
  • Competitors & Market players
  • Benchmark
  • Target & Service Journey
  • MVP for Artist / Companies

Sprint 3  : Business model, Marketing & MVP

  • Business model Canavas
  • Business plan – Customer Segment / Value Proposition / Revenue stream / Cost structure
  • Financial forecast : Lauching / Revenue expectancies / Rental / Profit / Financing.
  • Plan marketing : Concrete action schedule / Growth hacking / Reach prospects
  • Business overview and business evolution
  • GoToMarket Strategy

Sprint 4 : Executive summary & prototypes

  • Final business model Canvas
  • Proof of concept
  • Business plan : Executive summary / Industry / Competition / overview
  • Assessment achievement :  Proof of concept/ Business model evolution
  • Financial forecast : Rental / 3 years vision / Profit / Financing
  • Marketing :  GoToMarket / Online strategy / Growth hacking strategy


Put art everywhere anywhere

Give the opportunity to emerging artists to showcase their art in unexpected area

Give people the privilege to witness art and his benefit in any situation.


I use my spare time doing artwork and because of a lack of space in my house I asked my company if I could exhibit my work at work. They accepted and I left my work hanging on the walls.
Six months later I had to remove all my art to exhibit them at my very first exhibition in Paris.
The next few days back at work, a lot of my colleagues (even head managers) came to my desk and asked me why I had remove the pieces. They told me :
– “Put them back, it was a nice way to breakout from work in a stimulating way”
 – “Client are happy to see a creative environment”
 – “It was helping me focus are you going to put new ones?” .

That is how the idea of Restart started
Put art everywhere anywhere